Woodstock City Council includes plan for bicycles and pedestrians in its overall plan | Every day

Woodstock City Council approved a resolution at its meeting last week to include the 2019 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan in the city’s overall plan.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, adopted in June 2019, was created to foster the development of projects consistent with the streets, sidewalks, trails, shared-use lanes, amenities and City facilities contained in the Plan overview of the city.

This resolution received favorable recommendations from the Planning Commission for incorporation into the Master Plan.

Also during Tuesday evening’s meeting, council and the Planning Commission held a joint public hearing to receive comments regarding a proposed special use permit for a professional office at 150 North Muhlenberg Street.

Monica Johns and Derek Post, applicants for the special use permit, own Life Enrichment Services LLC, which is a mental health and therapy business looking to expand into a second office. Johns and Post are also looking to expand their business into a second location, an 1,882 square foot home at 150 North Muhlenberg Street.

Their Special Use Permit Application proposes to use the home in a high-density residential neighborhood in the historic district of Muhlenberg Street and use it as a professional office. There has also been a request that the council waive off-street parking as it is in a reduced parking zone.

A letter written by Johns says the business opened in 2010 and has grown over the years. “I have about 80 employees. Seventy-five percent of those employees live, work and pay taxes in Shenandoah County,” Johns said. “I’m very proud of how my business supports the local economy as well as how we support our local families.”

There were no further comments from the public at the joint public hearing.

Council members Jacqueline Lambert, A. Paje Cross, Alicia Gutshall, Stephen Heishman, Frank Haun and Mayor Jeremy McCleary were all present at Tuesday’s meeting. Councilman Michael Funkhouser was absent.

The next City Council meeting is scheduled for August 2 in the City Council Chambers.

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