‘We’re not going to take the bait this time’: Trans community reveals plan to protest Dave Chappelle’s Emmy nomination, says they never wanted to cancel it

Dave Chappelle is an American comedian. He is well known for his series of satirical comedy sketches The Chappelle show, which lasted three years. The series lasted until David Chapelle decided to stop production midway through the third season. Recently, Chappelle was nominated for the Outstanding Variety Special for The closest.

David Chappelle enraged the LGBTQ+ community on his show by making rude remarks, leading to much debate and protest against him by the Trans community. Since announcing her Emmy nominations, they’ve said they won’t take the bait this time around.

Dave Chappelle is nominated for the 2022 Emmy’s

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Interview with Ashlee Marie Preston:

Ashlee Marie Preston
Ashlee Marie Preston

When Ashlee Marie Preston was asked about this whole situation, she replied:

“The reality is that I invited Dave Chappelle to have a transformative dialogue about the wrong that was done. He chose not to show up, so it’s not canceling the culture, it’s avoiding accountability and once he’s made that clear, it’s not up to us to have a conversation with Dave Chappelle anymore, but the people who signed the patient and that’s Ted over there. She further added, “There was communication with Ted, there was some recognition, but no tangible action to move forward. And so today, we’re just here to reinforce that. We anticipate movement. We plan an intentional effort to answer some of those that are requested, if not as many as possible. »

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What did Dave Chappelle say on the show?

Dave Chappelle made comments against the LGBTQ+ community
Dave Chappelle made comments against the LGBTQ+ community

The show came out last year in October, and it was immediately then that he faced huge criticism because of the comments he made during the show. He was also part of Team Terf, a trans-exclusive radical feminist, and he claimed the LGBTQ+ community was trying to spread hate against celebrities such as JK Rowling by canceling them.

In May, Dave Chappelle was assaulted by a man who identified as bisexual. He reacted to his triggering comments about the LGBTQ+ community, while performing at the Netflix is ​​a joke festival, at the Hollywood Bowl.

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Will the Trans community protest against this?

Ashlee Marie Preston and the trans community protest against Dave Chappelle
Ashlee Marie Preston and the trans community have protested against Dave Chappelle.

After speaking to Ashlee Marie Preston, who is not a Netflix employee, we learned that she helped organize the walkout. She says she and her Queer community have an action plan. She does not want to share the details but promises that we will see soon.

It looks like Ashlee Marie Preston and other community members are about to announce some sort of campaign that advocates for LGBTQ+ friendly community content. She says the industry needs more of this because the comments these shows love Closer pass, are detrimental to the community.

Their side should also be heard instead of fired up as the trans community plans to move forward strategically.

David Chappelle has yet to make any statements on this and is already on his next special, which he is currently promoting.

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