Welsh government announces plans to become ‘anti-racism nation’

The Labour-led Welsh Government has announced its aim to take action to make Wales a fair anti-racism nation through mandatory anti-racism training and lessons for schoolchildren and all public bodies.

On Tuesday, the Welsh Government announced its Anti-Racism Action Plan for Wales to ‘eradicate’ racism from the NHS, hospitals, schools and more in the country.

The plan (pdf) was produced by a group co-chaired by Professor Emmanuel Ogbonna of Cardiff University and Andrew Goodall, Permanent Secretary to the Welsh Government.

Anti-racism is a Marxist ideology

In the introduction to the plan (pdf), the militant nationalist-Marxist organization the Black Panthers was quoted: “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. He added that he was inspired by George Floyd to act.

Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, died after a Minneapolis police officer held his knee against Floyd’s neck and back for approximately nine and a half minutes while Floyd was handcuffed and face down on the sidewalk while another officer restrained his lower body and a third officer knelt on Floyd’s back.

Floyd’s death sparked mass protests in many countries as protesters called for racial justice.

Social Justice Minister Jane Hutt said ‘Wales’ Anti-Racism Action Plan is grounded in the values ​​of anti-racism and calls for action in terms of our policies and ways of working rather than placing the onus on members of ethnic minorities to act.

Anti-racism is a teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT), which is a Marxist ideology. It defines the class struggle between the “oppressors” (the whites) and the “oppressed” (everyone else), as it did with the Marxist reduction of human history to a struggle between the “bourgeois” and the “proletariat”.

Cardiff Business School Professor Emmanuel Ogbonna said in the introduction to the plan that racism is “constantly mutating”.

“Racism is constantly changing. If we fail to eradicate it, it will continue through generations,” he said. “It becomes a perverse legacy that expresses itself in different mutations and ruins the lives of future generations in different ways.

“Many years ago, racism was overt, with many people from ethnic minorities being told directly that they were not wanted. Today, racism has turned into subtle but n “It is nonetheless pernicious in its impacts. We want to eradicate racism and we believe that adopting an anti-racist approach is the key to doing so.

Wales will also become the first in the UK to make teaching about black, Asian and minority ethnic histories and experiences compulsory in the new curriculum for Wales. It is deployed in primary schools from September 2022.

He added that “while this work is in the interest of all children, there is intersectionality with the experiences and outcomes of ethnic minority children and young people.”

Other measures include an anti-racism culture and practices to be embedded in every higher education institution and adult learning provider in Wales. An anti-racism related performance goal for leaders and reverse mentoring and anti-racism training will also be implemented.

The NHS will also require anti-racism leadership at all levels by directorate. All NHS boards, trusts and special authorities will be required to report demonstrable progress in tackling racism at all levels.

To counter ‘racist hateful attitudes online’, the Welsh said they are working with Cardiff University’s HateLab which will create tools to identify and track hate speech online with a particular focus on the Country of Wales.

“The most important thing is their skin color”

Dr. Alka Sehgal Cuthbert, head of education strategy for Don’t Divide Us, an organization set up to take a stand against the UK’s “divisional obsession with people’s racial identity,” told Epoch. Times that policies driven by critical race theory in Wales are “detrimental to minorities and also contemptuous of the majority”, that the Welsh government uses an “elitist minority argument which truly delegitimizes majority opinion”.

“The subtext of anti-racist training is that if you don’t have this training, you will be a racist. It’s a horrible message to send to the people you’re supposed to represent,” she said.

For children, the Wales Anti-Racism Action Plan claimed that “the development of negative stereotypes about ethnic minorities can start as young as four years old”. He added that “even those who think they are not racist may have ingrained stereotypes which can, if combined with a position of power, lead to negative behavior towards members of ethnic minorities”.

“What could be more intrusive than telling children how different they are? They are going to be told that the most important thing is their skin color,” Cuthbert said.

She also questioned the “shallow” educational aspect of teaching Asian, Black and minority history, which she said would be a “performative tactic.”

“Are they going to teach the history of Asia, that is to say of Japan, China or Uzbekistan? Each of these nations has a distinct history and they group it under the Asian, black-like category. Have they done any work or thought about the business that is going to be needed for each of these stories? Will it be the vision of Ibrahim X., Kendi or DiAngelo on post-colonialism or will it be a serious work? said Cuthbert.

Prominent American CRT advocate Ibram X. Kendi says there is no non-racism or racial neutrality. In other words, one must support “anti-racist” policies and actively identify and confront perceived racism in everyday life in order not to be racist.

“Babies learn to be racist or anti-racist – there is no such thing as neutrality,” the Boston University professor wrote in his children’s book “Antiracist Baby.”

Ibram X. Kendi is seen in a New York studio on March 10, 2020. (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Cuthbert said the Welsh Government, when presenting the plan, cited the Black Panther Party. She said, “It was a political organization that advocated armed struggle, etc. same.”

“What we’re going to do to a generation is teach them to be very cynical and/or very painfully self-aware and their relationships with each other will be quite strained,” she said. .

Cuthbert said Britain has become a positive multi-ethnic society, but CRT will roll back race relations. “If this isn’t stopped, we’re going to go back, they’re going to make skin color the most important thing, and that’s horrible,” she said.

“Lazy Tales”

In a January article in The Equiano Project, Ben Sears, a former local government policy officer and teacher who lives in South Wales, said that when “governments and policy makers” see the world in terms of concepts such as CRT and white privilege, “We are fed simplistic, lazy narratives about the causes of problems, and in return, we are offered simplistic, lazy solutions.”

“Attempts to deconstruct institutions are taking place at all levels in Wales,” Sears told The Epoch Times.

“What was clear was that there was no challenge to any of this. There still isn’t because of the fear factor, for fear of being called a racist,” he added.

He added that in the long term he believed Wales’ anti-racism plans “would backfire dramatically”, noting that explaining white privilege to some people in the valleys, which are among the most poor people of Europe, would not be received. good.

“Just look at the United States for that. You are trying to eradicate something that is as much about human nature as anything else. The way it is framed will create more division rather than less, exacerbating the issues it purports to address,” Sears said.

At press time, the Welsh government has not responded to The Epoch Times’ request for comment.

Bill Pan and Harry Lee contributed to this report.

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