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CHICAGO, May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — UpCity has announced the results of a survey that examines the views of small business owners and cybersecurity experts to provide insight into how businesses can protect themselves by 2022.

the 2022 Cybersecurity Study collects insights from over 600 business owners and IT professionals across the United States to assess their 2022 cybersecurity plans, priorities, and budgets.

Statistical highlights include:

42% of respondents have revised their cybersecurity plan since the COVID-19 pandemic. 37% of respondents have revised their plan by investing in new cybersecurity technologies/products. 25% of small businesses spent less than $500 on their monthly cybersecurity plan before COVID-19, while 26% of users are now investing more in cybersecurity with a monthly budget of $500 to $1,499. have faced a cybersecurity attack since the start of the pandemic.

Joe Banks, SVP of Engineering at UpCity, isn’t shocked by the results.

“SMBs have fewer resources, both financial and human, to devote to preventing and resolving security issues. Attackers know this and aim to take advantage of it,” Banks said. “At UpCity, we haven’t been immune ourselves, and we’ve seen an increase in attempted denial of service and phishing attacks over the past year.

“Unfortunately, SMBs often tend to be more complacent than large enterprises in implementing security practices or training,” Banks continued. “Their perception may be that they are too small to be worth attacking, which attackers are also aware of. This is why cybersecurity best practices and employee training in any organization are so important.”

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