Tesla and Elon Musk plan to bring an old-fashioned drive-in to Hollywood

If you had the money, the time, and the inclination, which of your random tweets would you bring to life? For Elon Musk, the richest and most online man in the world, it seems like a fanciful concept of 2018, to turn one of the upcoming Tesla Supercharger stations in Los Angeles into an “old-school drive-in,” complete with roller skates and all. According to a report by electrek and a Twitter user @MarcoRPteslaTesla, the electric car and energy company of which Musk has been CEO since 2008, has filed plans to build a 29-seat supercharging station and a combination restaurant and drive-in theater on Santa Monica Blvd, just outside east of La Brea Ave.

The location is currently a Shakey’s Pizza, which would likely have to close and then be demolished before Musk’s American Graffiti fantasy could come to life. Plans call for a two-story restaurant, with a bar and seating on the first floor, and another bar and theater seating on the second floor. There’s no indication of the menu or what type of food to serve yet, but with two bars on the property, we can only hope it’s filling enough to keep all those Tesla drivers from having need their autopilot.

Plans also include two large screens along the north and west edges of the restaurant that will be visible to both people seated upstairs and cars loading into the drive-in section. The screens are supposed to play 30-minute features, designed to last as long as it takes for an average charging session. It’s unclear exactly what that means, but would Musk perhaps consider using some of his fortune to reunite the Quibi band?

These drive-thru outlets will also offer a carhop service so customers can charge alongside their vehicles. This is also likely where the roller skates come in. The charging stations will of course be suitable for Tesla drivers, but there will also be five spaces reserved for level two chargers, compatible with non-Tesla electric vehicles.

These are preliminary plans, and as anyone who has been in or around the restoration knows, there are a lot of steps between here and the grand opening. But with this restaurant, it seems Musk intends to solve two problems of his own making: what do you do while your Tesla charges, and how can everyone avoid as many Tesla drivers as possible?

Ben Mesirow is an Echo Park native who writes for TV, fiction, food, and sports. At one time or another his writings have appeared in The Los Angeles Time, liter, McSweeney’s Internet Trend, Los Angeles Magazineand engraved on dozens of desks at Walter Reed Middle School.

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