Star Wars Hints At A Secret Palpatine Clone Wars Plan

Ahsoka was betrayed by fellow Padawan Barriss Offee during the Clone Wars – but it looks like Palpatine may have played a role after all.

star wars hinted at a secret plan cultivated by Palpatine during the Clone Wars. Darth Sidious was the very definition of an evil mastermind; his plans worked on many levels and he was good at reacting to unforeseen events. The Clone Army – commanded by Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas after he had visions of the coming conflicts – could have been his undoing, but instead Palpatine used them to stage the Clone Wars.

Sometimes, of course, it was easy to see how events could be used to his advantage – especially with the rise of the Dark Side, which meant things seemed to work out exactly as Palpatine would have intended. A perfect example can be seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 5, in an arc in which Ahsoka Tano was framed for a terrorist attack on the Jedi Temple. The real author was his disillusioned fellow Padawan, Barriss Offee; although Barriss was exposed, the experience shook Ahsoka’s faith in the wisdom of the Jedi Council, and Ahsoka chose to leave the Jedi. This helped further isolate Anakin Skywalker, leaving him as shaken as Ahsoka.


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Lucasfilm’s recently released anthology, Jedi & Sith Storiescontains a short story that hints that the Sith may have been more involved in these events than appeared to be the case. A Jedi’s Duty, by Karen Strong, is a short story told from Barriss Offee’s perspective before she began to fall to the dark side, and it reveals that Barriss could sometimes sense a dark presence in the halls of the Jedi Temple. “Darkness roamed her halls and tracked her movements. Barriss had felt his hidden existence since his return.“Palpatine did indeed use the dark side, even in the Temple, no doubt having fun hiding it from the greatest Jedi Masters. We can easily imagine him identifying weak and vulnerable Jedi like Barriss Offee, who could be affected by his darkness. and Potentially Transformed While this doesn’t suggest Palpatine engineered Barriss Offee’s downfall, it likely means he was there, pushing her over the edge of the cliff.

Barriss Offee with two red lightsabers "The Bad Jedi"

The Jedi are believed to have suffered a large number of defections during the Clone Wars, and they may well have been encouraged by Palpatine in the same way. Indeed, this may well explain how he managed to identify Jedi who could be seduced to the dark side and recruited to serve as inquisitors after Order 66. Palpatine could have been working on some of these Jedi for years. There has even been speculation that Barriss Offee herself has become an Inquisitor, though if so, she has yet to appear in the canon content set during the dark times of Reign of the Lord. Empire. Granted, Palpatine never believed in wasting a resource, so he would have been interested in finding a use for it rather than just having it executed.

It’s reasonable to assume that Palpatine chose to exert his will on Barriss Offee (and, presumably, others like her) at times when few masters were in the Jedi Temple. As chancellor, he was kept up to date with Jedi movements, so he would have known how to choose his moments. star wars‘ biggest villain was truly a ruthless mastermind.

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