Solicit feedback, make a plan

ROGERS — The school district will seek input from all of its stakeholders when developing a strategic plan, the district’s new superintendent said Tuesday.

Jeff Perry took over as superintendent on July 1, replacing Marlin Berry, who retired. Perry had been a school principal in Hamblen County, Tennessee, for the past five years.

The regular monthly school board meeting on Tuesday was its first with Perry at the helm. Perry took the opportunity to talk about several topics, including his vision of the planning process.

The district will create a strategic plan that includes short-term and long-term goals, he said.

The plan will be used “as the map to guide everything we do,” Perry said.

He said the plan should be “extremely functional” and simple, something that can fit on a page or two.

Over the next two months, the district will launch a series of community forums at schools to discuss with students, parents and other community members what is going well and what issues need to be addressed, he said. declared.

Trustees and board members will then take this information and attend a retirement board meeting — Perry has set early September as a target date for this — where they will begin to incorporate the information into a plan.

Another topic Perry spoke at length was school safety.

“I think a lot of people, when they talk about student safety, they’re just talking about the active shooter or the thing that would be in the most recent news. But there are also other things that involve student safety. students who are even more likely to arrive,” Perry said.

He reminded council members of all that schools do to serve students, including transporting them to school, feeding them and allowing them to participate in various activities and sports, such as football, volleyball and soccer.

From everything they do, schools remain the safest place, he said.

“We certainly don’t take this for granted, and we work on it every day to make sure people are safe,” Perry said.

He mentioned several measures the district has implemented that focus on safety and security. These measures include the ALICE training program which teaches employees how to respond to the threat of violence on campus. ALICE stands for Alert, Lock, Inform, Counter and Evaluate.

Local law enforcement also has access to district school cards and master keys that allow them access to buildings if needed, and the district is hooked up to a radio system that allows immediate contact with first responders. in an emergency, Perry said.

The district has six school resource officers provided by the Rogers Police Department. Perry said it would be nice to have more, but noted that many police departments are struggling these days to maintain a full complement.

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