Public sector banking unions plan June 27 strike over pensions and government policy

Public sector bank workers on Wednesday threatened to strike on June 27 to pressure issues related to pensions and the demand for five-day-a-week work.

The United Forum of Banking Unions (UFBU), an umbrella body of nine banking unions, including the Indian Confederation of Bank Officers (AIBOC), the Indian Association of Bank Employees (AIBEA) and the National Organization of Bank Employees bank (NOBW), decided to continue the strike.

Their demands included updating and revising the pension for all pensioners and abolishing the national pension scheme and reinstating the old pension scheme for all bank employees, the Secretary General of the AIBEA, CH Venkatachalam, after the UFBU meeting.

AIBOC General Secretary Soumya Dutta said about 7 lakh workers across the country would take part in the strike if the government and bank management were insensitive to the unions’ demands.

Banking operations could be affected if the strike materializes.

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