Planned Parenthood workers in Iowa and four other states plan to join union –

Across the State of Iowa – A majority of more than 400 clinical and administrative staff at Planned Parenthood facilities in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and the Dakotas are taking the first step to unionize.

The group has notified the National Labor Relations Board that it wishes to join the Service Employees International Union. Ashley Schmidt is a Planned Parenthood Training and Development Specialist who works in Nebraska and western Iowa.

The employee group works out of facilities in Iowa and the other four states in Planned Parenthood’s North Central States region. They say Planned Parenthood frontline workers are suffering from burnout. April Clark is a registered nurse who has worked in eight family planning clinics around Des Moines and eastern Iowa over the past decade. She says unionizing is a way to make sure Planned Parenthood leaders take care of frontline workers.

If the organization’s leaders do not recognize the union, the National Labor Relations Board will oversee an election among Planned Parenthood workers in the five states.

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