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Through the NPS scheme, housewives can earn ₹45,000 per month with a monthly investment of just ₹5,000.

A housewife’s job description does not include her CTC. She invests herself in the house, the family and the children, but her work is hardly recognized. Since work has no monetary value, housewives are often financially dependent on their husbands, which prevents them from making ends meet if or when the breadwinner is not around.

However, if a housewife never retires, it is one of the best investment tips to start thinking about a retirement plan that could provide a stable income once the husband retires.

The national pension system, controlled by the Pension Regulatory and Development Authority of India (PFRDA), allows housewives aged 18 to 60 to earn a stable income ranging from 12% to 14% of the investment made in the pension. regime. .

Not only will it bring double income to the house, but it will also provide financial support for housewives in the absence of their husbands. It also allows women to withdraw 25% of the total accumulated funds.

Benefits of NPS for Housewives

Housewives must meet the NPS scheme eligibility criteria before they start investing. Once enrolled in the scheme, they can enjoy its benefits.


Opening an NPS account is a hassle-free process for everyone. Women just need to go to the nodal agent in their area, fill in the details and open the account. They will receive a permanent retirement account number (PRAN) which will facilitate the regulation of the account.

Low risk investment

The NPS is a government-regulated plan; therefore, it carries minimal risks. Since the risks of losses are minimal, it gives housewives a safe option to rely on to meet their financial needs in the presence or absence of their husband.


The PRAN number allows housewives (tips for housewives to keep fit) to transfer the account from one city to another. So, even if women have moved from one city to another for some reason, they can simply have the account and its funds transferred to a new location.


NPS has a profitable financial structure that allows its contributors to collect updates on the value of their investments. Women can track their funds and find out more about everything associated with it.

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NPS Tax Benefits for Housewives

NPS diet for housewives

Since the scheme is controlled by a government agency, it comes with tax benefits for housewives.

  • The new changes indicate that maturity earned on the NPS fund will remain tax-free going forward.
  • Fund returns are also tax exempt.

Monthly income

A 30-year-old woman starts investing ₹5,000 per month in her National Pension System account. By the time she turns 60, she will have around ₹1.12 crore in the fund, including the 10% annual return on investment.

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Out of this total amount, she would start receiving a steady income of around ₹45,000 per month which will continue for the rest of her life. A woman can also withdraw the entire amount from her NPS account when it comes due.


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