Oklahoma 529 College Savings Plan offers $50 bonus to celebrate National 529 Day | News

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahomaians can celebrate National 529 Day with a special $50 bonus offer on new Oklahoma 529 College Savings Plan accounts opened Tuesday, May 24 through Friday, June 10.

State Treasurer Randy McDaniel said the bonus offer for new OCSP accounts should spark interest from parents and grandparents across the state. He noted that the plan’s tax advantages and flexibility make it a valuable way to save now for future education expenses.

“National 529 Day raises awareness of a tax-efficient way to invest in future education spending to help ease the burden of student loans,” said State Treasurer Randy McDaniel, Chairman of the Board of administering OCSP. “Opening an OCSP account and making ongoing contributions can be critical to a child’s educational future, and the 529 Day offering demonstrates our commitment to encouraging Oklahomans to start saving now.”

New accounts opened with as little as $50 will receive a bonus contribution of $50 after establishing a recurring contribution of $25 or more for six consecutive months. Oklahomans can visit ok4saving.org/529Day for terms and conditions.

As a strong supporter of increasing the financial literacy of Oklahomans, McDaniel recently published an e-book, The Power of Financial Education: Turning Your Dreams into Reality, which is available for free on the homepage from the State Treasurer, www.treasurer.ok.gov.

“This book will help readers discover the secrets to achieving major financial goals, including reducing student debt by saving for college,” he said. “Basically, my hope is to encourage, educate and empower people.”

For more information about the Oklahoma 529 College Savings Plan or to open an account, visit www.ok4saving.org or call 877-654-7284.

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