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Morgan Stanley at work today released new research from its inaugural workplace retirement study that shows plan sponsors see a positive impact and value in having a plan advisor oversee their workplace retirement plan. to drive pension plan participation and results.

According to survey results, plan sponsors cite peace of mind as one of the top benefits of having plan advisors drive employee engagement and advice. of investment, which alleviates internal concerns, adds value to the participant experience and reduces the pressure of administrative tasks. Additionally, while investment management is cited as the number one reason plan sponsors consider advisory services, they also view relationship building, including accessibility, responsiveness and consistency, as a key to the growth of company pension plans.

Among the key findings of the report, plan sponsors believe that pension plan advisors:

  • Improve results in retirement: Eighty-seven percent of plan sponsors said offering access to a plan advisor with a workplace pension produces better pension outcomes.
  • Have increased participation rates: Nearly 45% of plan sponsors with a plan advisor noted that 75-100% of eligible employees are enrolled in their company’s 401(k) versus only 33% of plan sponsors without a plan advisor.
  • Ensure the monitoring of investments: The top reason plan sponsors cite working with a plan advisor is to provide oversight of investment management, with 28% of the population choosing this choice.
  • Offer more choice: An overwhelming number of plan sponsors (88%) agree that a plan advisor offers robust plan features with a range of investment options. Additionally, respondents said plans with an advisor tend to offer additional features such as auto-matching, pairing options, and auto-enrollment that help better engage plan members and increase retirement savings. .
  • Offer a return on investment: 95% of plan sponsor respondents said the fees associated with a plan advisor were well worth the cost considering investment management (28%), fiduciary guidelines (67%) and compliance (75%) considerations .

“As trustees of their workplace retirement benefits, plan advisors can play a central and essential role in helping employees achieve their long-term investment and retirement goals, while helping employers attract and retain top talent,” said Anthony Bunnell, retirement manager for Morgan Stanley at Work. “Financial advisors are an often overlooked resource that can enhance and support the work of business plan sponsors, while forging valuable, long-term relationships with their most critical talent.”

Morgan Stanley Financial Adviser’s Value at Work study is available here.

Methodology: Discoveries in the Financial Advisor Value Report 2022 are based on proprietary third-party research and survey data conducted by Rebel & Co. of 350 plan sponsors at companies with 20 to 3,000 employees that offer financial benefits, including a 401(k) plan in various industries in the United States. These companies either have a dedicated financial advisor with their 401(k) plan, have worked in the past 12 months with an employer that offered a 401(k) plan, or are currently involved in selecting or administering the 401(k) plan. k) of the company. Respondents were interviewed by telephone or using an online panel survey from February 7 to February 28, 2022.

Morgan Stanley at Work’s retirement solutions offer a flexible, multi-vendor record-keeping platform designed to meet individual business needs. In addition to providing personalized retirement solutions, Morgan Stanley at Work has dedicated retirement specialists who understand the challenges companies face and offer support and services to their employees. Through a consultative process, the firm’s specialists help companies improve plan competitiveness and fiduciary risk management, investment selection and monitoring, and employee retirement preparedness.

Retirement Solutions is part of the Morgan Stanley at work suite of financial solutions, which covers equity compensation through Shareworks and Equity Edge Online®, retirement and financial wellness solutions. Morgan Stanley at Work and Morgan Stanley intellectual capital and financial education are delivered through multiple channels to enable employees to develop a holistic plan to help them achieve their financial goals. Shareworks is provided by Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC, Member SIPC, and its affiliates, and Equity Edge Online® employee stock plan solutions are offered by E*TRADE Financial Corporate Services, Inc., both part of Morgan Stanley at Work and wholly owned subsidiaries of Morgan Stanley.

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Brings peace of mind to board/corporate leaders when making critical business financial decisions


Provides peace of mind for plan design as the business scales


Provides financial education and tools to employees


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