Kam Buckner details anti-violence plan

The policy rollout is the first for Buckner’s mayoral campaign

After the most violent Memorial Day weekend in five years, mayoral candidate Kam Buckner detailed his plan to protect Chicago’s 77 communities from violence and crime.

Buckner’s politics, “Public safety and justice: the Safer 77 plan for public safety in every neighborhood”prioritizes filling the Chicago Police Department’s 1,600 vacant positions, solving crimes and increasing the solvency rate, and addressing the root causes of crime.

“I’m running for mayor to make Chicago safe. We need a plan and we need a mayor who can work together to make it happen,” Boucner said, the son of a law enforcement officer and CPS teacher. “Pulling drawbridges is not the solution. We need to build bridges for all 77 neighborhoods in Chicago.

Buckner has already made significant progress on public safety through his work in the state legislature, after successfully passing legislation this year to ban phantom guns and crack down on organized crime in the drug trade. retail to protect Illinois businesses. Both bills were signed into law by Governor JB Pritzker earlier this month.

He crafted the Safer 77 plan with input from victims and survivors of crime and violence in Chicago, from former active members of the CPD, from beaten cops to detectives to senior brass, workers and prevention organizations. of Violence and Awareness; and Illinois State Police officials.

The action plan includes details on improved community policing, co-responder models for mental health crises and increased security on the CTA to protect both passengers and employees, and will also commits to:

  • Double funding for the City’s Office of Violence Prevention
  • Increase the number of homicide detectives
  • Invest in diversion programs and job creation for those most at risk of violence, including those previously incarcerated
  • Coordinate with state and national law enforcement to prevent gun violence by fighting for common sense gun laws and tougher penalties for interstate gun trafficking to stop the flow of weapons from Indiana and surrounding states
  • Established the nation’s first internet intelligence unit to combat planned crimes on social media
  • Designate the first Superintendent of Youth Engagement who will be responsible for coordinating with CPS and the Park District to ensure Chicago youth have access to a holistic education with a variety of after-school programs in sports, music and entertainment. ‘art
  • Work with the federal government and the newly created state task force to prioritize justice for missing and murdered women
  • Align Chicago with other major cities by requiring body camera footage to be released within 30 days
  • Redesign CPD police districts to reflect Chicago neighborhoods
  • Require CPD to publish monthly clearance rate statistics online

“Solving crimes is what we must do, but preventing crimes before they happen is what we are capable of doing,” Buckner said. “We can’t spend $1.9 billion on CPD every year without seeing results. Families deserve answers and communities deserve to feel safe.

Data shows that about half of all homicides go unsolved and carjackings are rarely solved. In 2021, 797 people were murdered, and shootings are up 53% since 2018. Carjackings, which occur in neighborhoods across the city, are up more than 200% from 2019.*

“Chicago can’t fight crime if our leaders are fighting everyone else,” Buckner said. “Chicago needs new leadership and a way forward. Someone who can bring the city together and has a vision to make Chicago safe. Someone who will bring a balanced approach to security and justice. Someone who knows this city, grew up here and loves this city.

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