Interns cannot take money – Isthmus

Press release: United States | 1937 | 35mm | 79 mins.

Director: Alfred Santell; With: Barbara Stanwyck, Joel McCrea, Stanley Ridges

Barely released from two years in prison for harboring her runaway husband, young widow Janet Haley (Stanwyck) searches New York for the daughter her husband hid in an orphanage. As Janet is drawn to the generous and kind Dr. Kildare (McCrea), she prepares to turn herself in to the creepy mobster (Ridges) who says he knows where the child is being held. Wonderfully moving and always surprising Interns cannot take money was the big-screen directorial debut of writer Max Brand’s ever-popular Dr Kildare character and the film shares the title (and antiquated spelling) of one of Brand’s many stories about Kildare. “Unexpectedly delicate…the direction of the dialogue, slow and unemphasized at a time when fast and loud was the default setting, establishes an attentive tenderness between the main characters, further developed by the emphasis on the silent stares that ‘they trade’ (Dave Kehr, The New York Times).

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