How James Bond’s retirement plan connects to GoldenEye

No Time To Die shows the MI6 agent finally retiring before being drawn back into the world of espionage, with his retirement tied to GoldenEye.

no time to die is the final episode of Daniel Craig’s Bond tenure, with the agent’s short-lived retirement at the start of the film providing an old-school Bond connection in golden eye. Like many previous episodes, no time to die featured several nods to previous Bond films, including perhaps most notably On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. However, with the titular character’s retirement plan, the film also hinted at something beyond the world of the fictional super spy.

no time to die was released in 2021 and features the iconic agent taking early retirement at the start of the film. The retirement doesn’t last long, however, with Bond being drawn back into the world of espionage to confront his beloved’s past. golden eye, however, was the 17th installment in the Bond franchise, starring Pierce Brosnan in his first appearance as the famous spy. Although it was released over 25 years ago No time to die, the two Bond adventures have a bizarre connection. This link comes from Bond’s retirement in the latter, link involving the author of the james bond books, Ian Fleming.


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In no time to die, Bond retires near the beginning of the film after believing that his lover, Madeleine, had betrayed him. In his apparent betrayal, Bond takes leave of MI6 and lives in a villa in Jamaica, without the thrill of his previous life. It is in Bond’s choice of country to retire that the link with golden eye is found. Ian Fleming, the author of the franchise, built a house and estate on the site of a former donkey race track, naming the property Goldeneye. The estate was built on Oracabessa Bay, on the north coast of Jamaica. The property is now used as the Goldeneye Hotel and Resort, consisting of Fleming’s original house and several cottages. With James Bond, agent 007, choosing to retire to Jamaica in no time to dieit was undoubtedly a conscious choice by the filmmakers to have Bond’s retirement mirror Fleming’s.

James Bond Retreat Jamaica

However, the film does not spend much time in Jamaica. While Bond himself retires for about five years, he is only shown briefly before reuniting with Felix Leiter, Jeffrey Wright’s FBI agent. And so Bond finds himself embroiled in the world of international espionage, embarking on an adventure that includes his former lover, Madeleine, and her dark secrets from the past. With Craig’s Bond, he has often been shown to have ties to other countries, such as Italy due to his emotional time with Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale, it is obvious that the decision to have him retire to Jamaica was intentional. It not only reflects the choice of residence of Ian Fleming himself, but pays homage to the man who created the iconic James Bond character in the first place.

Although Bond’s retirement was cut short, it can be seen as being for the best, with Craig’s last outing as an MI6 agent hailed as one of the actor’s best. no time to die was very well received and gave Daniel Craig’s Bond the swansong it deserved. While the Bond franchise has featured a wide variety of locations around the world, the inclusion of Jamaica as a place of retirement for Bond was heartwarming to say the least, allowing No time to tie to pay homage to both Daniel Craig’s James Bond and the man who created it: Ian Fleming.

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