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Greater Orlando Aviation Authority develops its next 10-year plan

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) will redevelop its strategic plan for the next decade, to reform its approach to personnel shortages, technological advancements, regulatory requirements and social media.

At a meeting of the GOAA Board of Directors, Kevin Thibault, CEO of GOAA, presented the scope of the plan, areas of focus and a timeline for the multi-phased project. The strategic plan update will involve three phases of development, along with the collaboration of aviation authority personnel, airport partners and community stakeholders.

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As presented to the board, the plan includes not only the development of a new strategic plan, but also the implementation of a monitoring framework, with performance measures that can be used at the level of the organization and the employees. The board also approved compensation adjustments and a revised pay structure for non-union GOAA employees. The 5% increase will also increase these employees at the minimum hourly rate of US$15 to US$16.02 effective August 7, 2022. The updated salary structure was based on market conditions and is intended to recognize how point competitive compensation is necessary for recruitment and retention. employees. Compensation for employees in the bargaining unit will be dealt with in accordance with the collective bargaining process. Once complete, the board will consider this matter at a later date. The authority’s previous strategic plan was completed in 2013 and served as the cornerstone for its updated master plan as well as its updated Airport Development Plan (ALP).

Carson Good, President of GOAA, said: “Given the accomplishments of this authority and the community over the past 10 years, it is time to not only review what has been done, but to pivot to what we need to do. to be in the future. Not only does this plan serve as a model for this authority in the future, but it serves as a framework for other activities.

Thibault said: “Like many other major hub airports, we have seen the results of significant national and regional events impacting our operations both positively and negatively. Moving forward, we need to frame our strategic vision to minimize the negatives and capitalize on the positives.

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