Goldman Sachs thwarts employee’s plan to ‘make Christianity great again’ by wearing hats

Putting commandments on hats only works if you’re Trump.
Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

A Goldman Sachs employee who was hoping to make the transition from the lucrative world of finance to the lucrative world of Donald Trump swag only managed to find himself on administrative leave. The Times reports that Luke Thorburn, the only person in the company to have contributed to Donald Trump’s campaign, was put on paid leave last week after the newspaper revealed he had tabled the phrase “Making Christianity great at new ‘and created a website to sell Trump- esque hats for $ 19.99.

Thorburn, a financial adviser in the bank’s wealth management division, failed to clarify his business plan with Goldman before launching the site. He donated $ 534.58 to Trump in September, which, according to Trump spokesman Hope Hicks, was likely “the result of his purchase of campaign merchandise, which is characterized as a contribution to the campaign by the EFVS. “

We didn’t know that, like America, Christianity no longer wins, but that would explain some things about Trump’s recent feud with Pope Francis. According to Making Christianity Great Again website, “Evil can be quenched by the blood of Christ through your proud faith, and future generations depend on us to claim this world for our Savior, Jesus Christ. Or rather, the world could were claimed for Jesus Christ by wearing sticky hats, but Wall Street got in the way. Expect this great injustice to appear anytime in Bernie Sanders’ speech now.

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