Funding pledged for Limerick City business park study

A STUDY is to take place with a view to developing a new business park in Newcastle West.

And an advanced commercial unit in the Kilmallock business park is also planned.

At this month’s council meeting, members agreed to the annual development contribution scheme – money which is collected by the local authority from fees paid by those who obtain successful planning permission.

A total of €2.4million is to be donated to community, leisure and commercial projects across Limerick.

These include €5,000 for a study for the delivery of a business park in Newcastle West, and €500,000 for a new building advanced on the existing Kilmallock business park.

Fine Gael councilor Tom Ruddle, who is chairman of the Newcastle West Chamber, said it was vital that a business park was provided in the county town.

“I have spoken to several business owners in different locations, and they would settle in a place like Newcastle West if there was a facility like this. These people would create 20 to 40 jobs, and many business owners prefer to be located in a small town,” he explained.

“It would create more jobs for the city. We are lucky that Ortec is hiring staff at this time. A few other little things are in the works so hopefully they come to fruition,” Cllr Ruddle added.

Economic Committee Chair, Cllr Bridie Collins, added: “Having business centers across the county is essential to provide opportunities for small businesses to start and grow. You give them the space and the support they need to become a start-up, to grow and develop. The business component of the consultancy is their role of supporting these start-ups. And provide the services that will allow these businesses to continue to grow.

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