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For those who are in search of a free and accurate math graphing tool, the Desmos calculator is the best option. It is more than a standard graphing calculator. It can solve any mathematical equation and improve your math skills in no time.

Desmos Calculator Pros

Desmos makes the learning and understanding of complex mathematics concepts easier. The Desmos math instruments, including Desmos graphing calculator, aim to support students of all levels as they learn math.

Here are some benefits of the Desmos Calculator:

  • This math software is free.
  • Unlike its competitors, Desmos does not have ads.
  • It is suitable for both students of all ages and teachers.
  • Desmos is exceptionally user-friendly.
  • The software lets you quickly change the formulas.
  • It creates graphs of both simple and complicated formulas and provides relaying answers.

Desmos Features

Desmos helps solve a wide range of math problems a student may face. Such features are always available and free to use for everyone:

  1. Scientific Calculator
  2. Desmos Graphic Calculator
  3. Four Function Calculator
  4. Test Practice
  5. Geometry Tool
  6. Matrix Calculator

Why Desmos

Desmos provides students with convenient and accurate online graph-plotting calculator instruments. The software is used to engage, explain, and explore mathematics. Desmos calculator can be easily accessed on all devices – a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Try Desmos on the official website, or get it for your iOS or Android device.

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