City Council in Brief: Park Plan Design Approval for Century School Park | Company

Plans for a park to be located at 309 West Verona Avenue were discussed at the June 27 council meeting.

The park design proposed for Century School Park includes a plaza along West Verona Avenue, a seasonal green space that transforms into a large skating rink with a gas fire pit to the south of the rink, a playground in part west of the park, a pollinator habitat and educational planting areas in the southeastern part of the park and a large lawn in the center of the park with a stage along the eastern part of the park to contain restrooms, concessions, the skate rental and storage.

The Applicant’s goal is to begin utility installation this fall to coordinate with other construction in the area for apartment buildings.

Century School Park could begin construction in the spring of 2023 for a mid-summer opening in 2023.

The city will need to contribute about $750,000 to the project, which City Administrator Sayre said could be a tax-increase fundraising (TIF) expense. This extra money is to be budgeted in the 2023 budget.

Sayre said adding bathrooms outside would increase costs by about $250,000. Alder Kimmett asked why the washrooms already located inside the school could not be used as it would save the City money. Sayre mentioned accessibility issues and said that as the future occupants of the business remain unknown, it makes more sense to have a stand-alone bathroom building, as the privacy of the building’s future tenants could be compromised with public restrooms.

Mayor Diaz asked how the gas fireplace would be secured and said he was concerned it was too accessible. Sayre said he would research and report back to the Council.

Alder Kimmett asked if there would be shade for the playground. She noted that the Fireman’s Park playground is too hot to play in the summer. Sayre said those concerns will be taken into account.

The park plan design and costs for Century School Park located at 309 West Verona Avenue was approved 7-0 on June 27.

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