Budget Committee Revises Recommendation for County Employee Salary Scale Plan

June 25, 2022
By: Dwayne Page

The DeKalb County Budget Committee has revised its new salary range proposal for county general employees. Although this plan was adopted on Wednesday evening June 22 by the budget committee to be included in the budget for the 2022-23 financial year, an amendment was made for the two employees of the departmental town hall.

Under a plan presented to the Budget Committee two weeks ago by Circuit Court Clerk Susan Martin on behalf of her office and the offices of Trustee, Registry of Deeds, County Clerk, assessor of property, clerk and master and administrator of elections, the employees receive pay increments at a percentage of $82,396 per year, which all of these officials will earn next year, except for the mayor of the county who is better paid and the administrator of elections who is less well paid. The starting salary in the first year for new hires would be $32,134 and cap after 30 years at $46,142. In addition to the scheduled increments, the salaries of all employees in these offices would automatically increase by the same percentage as their employer (office holder) when he or she obtains a raise from the state.

According to a motion introduced by budget committee member Beth Pafford on Wednesday night, the county mayor’s two employees would receive increments at a percentage of $95,168, which matches the county mayor’s salary next year and at its peak after 30 years. As with other employees, the county mayor’s staff would automatically receive the same percentage pay increase by the county as the county mayor’s percentage pay increase when they get a raise from the state.

“I would move a motion that we base their (employees of the county mayor) salaries on the county mayor. We’re lucky the county doesn’t have to pay a financial administrator to do the posts (due to the work of these employees),” Commissioner Pafford said.

Commissioner Scott Little moved a second to the motion and it passed by a vote of 4 to 1. Budget committee members Sabrina Farler and Anita Puckett joined Pafford and Little in voting in favor. Commissioner Jeff Barnes voted against. Budget committee members Jenny Trapp and Julie Young were absent.

A similar proposal was passed six years ago by the county commission, but was changed two years later after several county officials complained the plan was unfair in that the county mayor’s staff was better off. paid than its employees.

The Sheriff’s Department and DeKalb EMS currently operate under their own pay scale systems previously established by the county and would not be affected by the proposal passed by the budget committee Wednesday night.

The budget committee also updated pay scales for full-time library staff, senior center managers and janitors.

Under this plan, these employees would receive increments at a percentage of $82,396 per year and would get the same percentage salary increase by the county as the percentage given to county office holders by the State.

These compensation plans are subject to final approval by the county commission.

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