BJP draws grand plan for PM Modi’s visit

Hyderabad: The BJP appears to be following the ‘Kar Seva’ concept to finance the proposed gigantic public meeting to be held at Parade Grounds on July 3 which will be addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah .

The saffron party has fixed the amount of “Nidhi” to be paid by each of the party leaders according to his rank in the party. The idea behind this, state party leaders say, was to make all party leaders stakeholders in the grand public meeting. While state level mandal leaders will contribute Rs 1 lakh each, polling booth level leaders will contribute Rs 1000 per polling booth. Businessmen associated with the BJP have been asked to hand over up to Rs 1 lakh each. In addition to party activists, beneficiaries of different state regimes and the general public will be mobilized for the public meeting.

Meanwhile, BJP State Chairman Bandi Sanjay Kumar and other leaders visited the Novotel hotel where the party’s national executive will meet on July 2-3. He said the party only hopes that the state government will not put any obstacles to the holding of the public meeting.

Sanjay said each party leader had set a target to mobilize 10,000 people in each constituency.

He said this was the first post-Covid meeting, the base is very excited and making arrangements for the national executive meeting. He said members of the party’s national office will meet for the first time in the morning. After that, the national executive committee would meet in the afternoon and continue until the following day. It will be followed by a large public meeting in the evening. They had strategically chosen Parade Grounds because it would be easy for them to get clearance from the Union Department of Defense. When the issue of Telangana would be discussed in the national executive, it would focus on the “mismanagement of state finances which has resulted in a heavy burden of debt for the common man, the failure of the situation of law and order, the recent spate of rapes and other such crimes, KCR’s family rule and corruption, the failure to implement promises such as two-bedroom houses, the way good plans are are locked in politics, the recent arson and vandalism on Agnipath and the “encouragement” of political parties, including TRS, he says.

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