Beebe Healthcare rolls out five-year strategic plan in crowded Sussex market

Beebe Healthcare executives unveiled a five-year strategic plan on Wednesday.

“Beebe Healthcare is and will continue to be the healthcare provider of choice in Sussex County,” said Terry Megee, Chairman of the Board of Beebe Healthcare, in a statement. “It is in this spirit that we boldly embark on our next chapter as ‘One Beebe’, guided by a strategic framework that encompasses the clinical missions of Beebe Healthcare, Beebe Medical Group, the Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing and The Beebe Medical Foundation This strategic plan clarifies our organization’s shared priorities for the way forward.

Beebe, based in Lewes, has grown with its home territory of coastal Sussex County, but also operates in Delaware’s most competitive market, with Bayhealth, TidalHeath, Atlantic and ChristianaCare operating in parts of its territory.

Beebe is the smallest of the three Delaware-based hospital systems and a quarter century ago fought for its survival by settling claims stemming from a pediatrician convicted of sexually abusing patients.

Beebe’s board and senior management created a strategic planning committee that conducted interviews with community members, leaders, team members and physicians as part of the development of the plan. At the crossroads of community growth and the evolution of healthcare, Beebe leaders felt the time was right to reveal this five-year strategic plan.

“We have drawn a line in the sand to say that we are solely focused on the health needs of people who live, work, visit and seek care in Sussex County,” Beebe CEO Dr David said. Tam. “We are committed to meeting the needs of our growing community, and that includes those who travel to Sussex County to receive care from one of our renowned specialists. As the only healthcare system headquartered in and focused solely on Sussex County, we are in a unique position to truly understand the programs, technologies and barriers needed to deliver excellent healthcare services to those we serve. With more than 100 years serving this county, we continue to grow, evolve and innovate to serve our community, and this five-year strategic plan helps deliver on that promise.

Tam got high marks for his leadership at Beebe and for arriving at Lewes from Southern California ahead of his start date, due to the outbreak of Covid-19, which hit Sussex hard early on.

The strategic plan noted that healthcare continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with the pandemic exacerbating the industry’s long-standing issues around access to equitable care and staffing. Health care delivery has shifted from acute care centers to communities. Digital advancements mean more opportunities to receive the same level of care in many different settings. The plan signaled that stressors on healthcare workers have peaked, and Beebe “is committed to making the well-being of team members as high a priority as patient care.”


  1. Provide superior access to care and a superior patient experience

Beebe will continue to make thoughtful investments in people, infrastructure, technology, innovation, partnerships and comprehensive services to ensure that all members of our community can enjoy convenient access to the best healthcare experiences. that exceed both their expectations and general industry standards.

  • Improve and expand basic clinical services

Beebe will continue to focus on delivering the safest, highest quality care while developing and expanding our core services to meet the changing needs of our patients here at home. Simultaneously, we will continue to establish and embrace strategic alliances and partnerships with selected providers across the region to ensure our patients have clear and easy-to-follow access to receive key complex/specialty care services when needed.

  • Develop programs for all

Beebe will take steps to better understand and elevate the voices and expectations of our diverse stakeholders – our patients, physicians, providers, employees, payers, etc. – as well as the community at large to inform about valuable programs, resources and services needed to promote wellness, disease prevention and overall healthy living in Sussex County.

  • Become the employer and partner of choice

Beebe will take steps to provide a unique and dynamic work environment that attracts the best people and partners and fosters long-term loyalty to our system. This includes offering a balanced and competitive mix of growth and development opportunities, compensation and/or incentives, and other benefits based on a diverse and inclusive culture where everyone is deeply connected to our mission and is committed to providing remarkable and compassionate care every day.

  • Promoting an agile business model

Beebe will remain focused on using our available resources (people, money, etc.) with the utmost integrity to ensure our stability today and our longevity over time. In addition, we will ensure that our organizational decision-making always remains focused on supporting our long-term strategic objectives without compromising our ability to act quickly in the best interests of the patients and communities we serve in the short term in the event of need.

Promises kept

Almost exactly five years ago, in June 2017, Beebe’s Board of Directors approved the biggest expansion in its more than 100-year history.

Now, the South Coastal Health Campus, which includes a stand-alone emergency department and cancer center near Millville, has been caring for patients daily since opening in the spring and summer of 2020.

Milestones continue to be achieved as renovations take place at the Margaret H. Rollins Lewes Campus, which has seen a complete overhaul of its main entrance and lobby over the past year.

And a month ago, Beebe celebrated the grand opening of the expansion’s largest facility, the $124 million specialty surgical hospital, which opened to transform access to surgical care in the county. of Sussex.

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