As work from home winds down, here’s how TCS is planning its employees. Check what the CEO says

Work from home Last updated today: With the drop in coronavirus cases, many companies have resumed work from offices and closed work from home for employees. In this regard, Tata Consultancy Services recently said that 20% of its employees over 6 lakh are now working from their designated office as the business returns to pre-pandemic levels. With many employees working from the office, TCS’ work-from-home plan is slowly being pushed back even as the company plans to implement a structured hybrid working model by 2025.Read also – Hub of Talent: After Infosys, TCS plans to set up in these non-metropolitan cities. Details inside

Giving details of the plan, TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan recently told the media that for now the company will favor the return to power until it reaches pre-pandemic levels or at least 80. %. However, he said the TCS 25/25 model would be run next. Read also – Weather alert! Gurugram will issue advance notices on working from home this monsoon. Details inside

Saying the 25/25 plan needs to be executed in a more controlled manner, he said the plan will first involve returning to a more normal working environment and then moving to the permanent hybrid model. Also Read – BYJU-Owned WhiteHat Jr Lays Off 300 Employees, Plans to Cut Staff to Cut Costs

He further added that the company will continue to bring it back to the usual numbers – 50-60-70-80% in the future.

During the time of the pandemic only, the TCS had announced its 25/25 model. In this plan, the company said that by 2025, only 25% of its employees will have to work outside the facilities at any time. And employees won’t need to spend more than 25% of their time at work. Within project teams, only 25% of employees can be collocated.

When announcing its FY22 fourth quarter results in April, Gopinathan told reporters that TCS had asked its senior partners to return to their delegated locations. TCS had said only those senior associates would start going to the office for three days a week at the initial stage.

Gopinathan had said earlier this year that the company would start with senior associates, the top 50,000 employees, who would start coming to the office, starting three days a week from April itself. And then the company will continually increase the coverage of associates who will start to come back.

However, TCS kept its promise by recalling more of its employees during these few months. Significantly, working from home is no longer available for about 1 lakh of TCS employees now.

As TCS work from home will soon end for more employees, the company reported attrition of 19.7%, compared to 17.4% in Q4FY22.

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