Annual Family Cafe, sponsored by the Children’s Medical Services Health Plan, creates a nurturing environment for people with disabilities to learn, network and grow

ORLANDO, Florida., May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Family Café is excited to return to its all-in-person event at the 24th Annual Family Café in Orlando This year. This event brings Floridians with disabilities together to learn more about the resources and supports available to them while giving them the opportunity to network with each other and meet the organizations that serve them.

the May 27-29 The event at the Hyatt Regency Orlando, sponsored by the Children’s Medical Services (CMS) health plan, will feature high profile advocates from the disability community – like the stars of the Amazon Prime series “As We See It”. Nearly 200 educational sessions on topics ranging from advocacy and financial planning to employment and assistive technology, a comprehensive showroom with an array of agencies and vendors, tailored recreational activities , self-advocacy performances, networking opportunities for people with disabilities and their families, and Suite.

“Floridians with disabilities need the right resources and support to thrive in their communities. The annual Family Café is a place where they can come together with the broader disability community to share experiences and find solutions. that suit them,” said the President and CEO of the Family Café, Lori Fahey. “Organizing the event is a true community effort. Having a partner like Children’s Medical Services Health Plan who understands the value of empowering families is key to making it a success.”

“The annual Family Café brings together people with disabilities and their families, so they know they are not alone,” said Dr. Robert Karch, undersecretary for children’s medical services at the Florida Department of Health. “Not only does this allow them to learn more about the resources and supports available to them, but it also gives them the chance to meet other families facing the same barriers and have a great time.” These speakers are fun, the room is interactive, and it’s not a stuffy conference. It is important for participants and equally important for those who serve them to have face-to-face interaction.

CMS will present “Old MacDonald’s Sensory Farm”, one of the most popular activities at the conference. The sensory room is equipped with equipment to help young people with special needs get personalized sensory input, allowing them to decompress and balance their sensory experiences. It is named after the Senior Vice President of Centene Gregg MacDonald, which has supported The Family Café for many years. Centene is the parent company of Sunshine Health.

“We are honored to support this room as it helps children with a wide range of disabilities feel comfortable and independent. We hope it will provide an accessible and enjoyable environment for children with a wide range of needs. sensory to relax and self-regulate. Families can learn a self-regulating technique or two that they can take home and keep going,” MacDonald said.

CMS Health Plan will have an information booth where employees will provide more information on the benefits of the plan for Florida children with complex health needs. They will also have a photo booth and face painting for all attendees of the annual Family Café.

All persons with disabilities, their families and advocates are welcome, and there is no registration fee to attend. For more information and to register, visit


The Children’s Medical Services Health Plan (CMS), administered by Sunshine Health on behalf of the Florida Department of Health, covers Florida children up to age 21 with physical, developmental, behavioral, and emotional conditions through Medicaid (Title XIX) as well as those enrolling through KidCare (Title XXI). Learn more about

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