The WB’s DCEU plan should revive a lost 20-year-old Batman project

Especially after the success of The Batman, DC would be smart to focus on more standalone projects and revive that canceled 20-year-old Batman movie.

It would be wise for Warner Bros. Discovery’s DCEU plans to revive a Batman project canceled more than 20 years ago. Batman saw a resurgence in content in the 90s with Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher’s Batman films, Warner Bros. Batman: The Animated Series with Mark Hamill’s iconic Joker and the short-lived batman beyond lively show. This then led the Batman content-busting franchise in the 2000s and 2010s, starring Christopher Nolan Black Knight trilogy having a particular impact on Batman’the inheritance. With Robert Pattinson becoming the latest iteration of the Caped Crusader in Matt Reeves The Batmanit only looks like the 2020s will continue this streak.


Movies outside of the DCEU have long had a positive impact on DC. Even though Nolan Black Knight The trilogy didn’t start the DCEU, it still helped set DC on the right path. The Nolan Trilogy proved that DC movies in the modern era could be incredibly successful even outside of the DCEU, which The Batman’s smashing box office numbers and Oscar winner of 2019 Joker spread further. This helps differentiate DC from the mostly serialized MCU, which offers a major advantage over the otherwise indomitable franchise.

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Still, DC should acknowledge the success it’s generating with its movies outside of the DCEU and consider reviving a previously scrapped project. In 2001, a live iteration of batman beyond has been cancelled. It would have evoked the same level of courage as Nolan’s batman begins ended up delivering four years later, but its dark, violent, and profanity-laden concept topped the PG-13 rating. Unfortunately, director Boaz Yakin and writers Paul Dini and Alan Burnett all lost interest, contributing to the project’s cancellation. While the creative forces leaving a comic book movie today isn’t entirely unusual, it was the death knell for such a project 20 years ago. However, Batman’the future with batman beyond the film would no doubt perform much better with audiences today. The issues that caused it to be canceled 20 years ago are not only moot, but may even be a boon to modern audiences accustomed to darker, R-rated comic book movies now.

Batman in the Batman Beyond cartoon

Another factor in favor of Batman Beyond’The Michael Keaton Revival is Michael Keaton’s upcoming return to his role as Batman on HBO Max. bat girl and 2023 The flash. the anime batman beyond the show was about an elderly Bruce Wayne training his successor Terry McGinnis. With Keaton’s return 30 years later, DC has a particularly unique opportunity to reconsider the batman beyond story and give new life to Batman franchise. Especially after seeing the possibilities that success Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse provided that the Spider Man franchise with Miles Morales in the role, Batman would benefit from exploring a future that exists after Bruce Wayne. Another possible approach could be a Tim Burton-helmed batman beyond movie that would properly wrap up the Keaton-Batman era.

That Warner Bros. Whether or not Discovery takes another look at a batman beyond for their DCEU plan, it would certainly work in their favour. If Warner Bros. Discovery wants more movies like Joker, live action batman beyond a movie that already has some development behind it would be a smart adaptation to tackle. Considering how much the comic book movie landscape has changed over the past 20 years, now is a better time than ever to revive a previously abandoned film. Batman project.

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