The robotic plane is almost ready to take off

Striving to be on par with other countries in the field, the Athena Research Center seeks to develop a very ambitious program that foresees the introduction of robotics in different areas of society.

The program, under the auspices of the Ministry of Development, and specifically the Deputy Minister of Research and Innovation Christos Dimas, envisions robotics which can help with a number of tasks and provide facilities in the fields of medical, professional and social.

The tender to find a building to house the research centre, which will span over 12,000 square meters, is starting now and is expected to be completed soon as funds have already been secured from the Recovery Facility and of resilience and will reach almost 15 million euros.

The total investment will reach 50 million euros, since 18,934,486 million euros have already been committed for the Archimedes program, presented last December with the objective of developing artificial intelligence, data science and algorithms. In terms of funding exclusively for robotics, the amount will reach 3.6 million euros.

At present, robotic services are already provided by private companies, which the state uses when needed at exorbitant prices.

The aim is for the Greek state itself to be able to produce such services for its own account and, if possible, to export them abroad.

Robotics is an emerging industry all over the world and can offer a valuable service in many areas.

For example, it can make it possible to perform a medical operation from Athens in a remote area of ​​the country.

Moreover, it would serve industrial production, saving time and money for large companies, while creating jobs for skilled young people.

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