Qld Govt used Koala research money on a Dreamworld rollercoaster

The Queensland government, literally cartoon villains, gave Dreamworld nearly $3 million in taxpayers’ money to build a fancy new roller coaster… when that money was actually supposed to be for koala research. You really can’t do this shit people.

The Courier-Mail Prime Minister revealed Annastasia PalaszczukThe government awarded the theme park $2.7 million in 2019 to establish an innovative research facility designed to tackle issues threatening native animals, including chlamydia in koalas. Considering that the STI has infected 100% of some koala populations and is contributing to the decline of these animals, this is pretty significant research.

Except that the facility was never built.

Instead, after the pandemic affected tourism in Queensland, Palaszczuk’s government allowed research money to be ‘redirected’ so Dreamworld could build its new Steel Taipan roller coaster.

“Given the putting of the Future Lab project on hold, the Queensland Government has approved that previously approved funding for the research center be reallocated to support the construction of the new ride, taking into account the immediate impacts of the pandemic and the call for new tourist offers likely to attract returning national visitors and international tourists when the borders reopen,” said the Minister of Tourism and Innovation. Stirling Hinchcliffe admitted on Tuesday.

“I’m happy to report that it has come to an end at the newest attraction, the Steel Taipan, which opened in December 2021.”

Spokesperson for LNP Innovation Sam O’Connor replied, “So the funding for the koala lab went on a roller coaster?”

Yeah, basically.

Mind you, this was after the 2019-2020 bushfires. Imagine abandoning research into saving koalas after watching the poor animals be decimated by fires caused by climate change. Real wickedness.

O’Connor pointed out that at the rate we’re going, koalas could be extinct by the Brisbane Olympics scheduled for 2032.

“To just allow these millions of dollars to go on a roller coaster and not have any follow-up…it’s beyond belief that they didn’t ask them if they were going to build the lab,” he said. declared.

Gold Coast Councilman Hermann Vörster wrote to the Deputy Minister of Tourism Meaghan Scanlon asking about the status of the research center – then Hinchliffe confirmed in June that the money for it had now gone to the roller coaster. Vorster accused the Queensland government of being “fake greens”.

“The state was caught spending the same dollar twice, but crushing the koalas,” he said.

“They just figured out koalas can’t vote – but that doesn’t mean they don’t count.”

Dreamworld has defended the expense and maintains they are doing great things for koalas, noting the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation which is building a live koala genome bank.

“Dreamworld is committed to conservation and making meaningful change through the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation, which has raised over $3.5 million for animal conservation and continues to fund important conservation projects in Australia and around the world. ‘stranger,’ a spokeswoman said. The Courier-Mail.

Cute until you realize that $3.5 million for koala research is peanuts compared to the $32 million total spent on Dreamworld’s Steel Taipan roller coaster. Fkn pathetic.

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