Notice/letter: game plan

Plymouth is a place of great significance in American history, the oldest city in New England. People come to Plymouth to live and holiday with pride in the history, culture and peaceful environmental assets that surround our large and diverse community. The game does not conform to the cultural and historical foundations of the city of Plymouth.

In the second paragraph of the City of Plymouth’s 2021 Annual Report, the vision states that “our government will provide a high standard of service to our citizens, meet their needs and advocate on their behalf”. Since this game plan was put in place on March 29, with the approval of the 3 members of the Select Board, it goes against transparency. The majority of the citizens of the city knew nothing about it. Even those who attended this first meeting received no written information on how this would benefit Plymouth.

Don’t you think it would have been prudent for our city’s elected officials to put this on hold until

1. the townspeople knew it

2. Boston South made a presentation with written details for residents and our elected officials to consider intelligently?

Boston South’s presentation was amorphous and vague and gave no real information. No written material was available to attendees on how this would benefit Plymouth. The message sent was ‘trust us’ and we will do something good for Plymouth. Really?

Moreover, some members of the select committee said that they had no written information about it until a few days before. Another member asked for information before the board meeting and he never received it. And yet, three board members voted for it even when credible arguments were raised by concerned citizens about it. To date, after three meetings, no Plymouthian has spoken publicly in favor of horse racing in Plymouth.

When more than 25 residents attended the County Commissions meeting on March 31, intending to oppose signing a contract with Boston South, no public comment was permitted by our elected commissioners. During this meeting, no explanation was provided on what the contract provided for. That wasn’t exactly democracy in action! We would like to thank Commissioner Greg Hanley for allowing the group to meet with him afterwards and voice our concerns.

Currently we are awaiting a decision from the Plymouth, County and Boston South Solicitor on whether the Wood Lot zoning changes will require a 2/3 vote of the Plymouth City Assembly as the law suggests. The Select Board voted on it and sent a letter to the state confirming its support for Boston South to study this land. A non-binding voting question has been suggested asking if the townspeople support a thoroughbred race track in Plymouth. This will be discussed during the select committee on April 12. We encourage you to attend, watch or zoom in on Plymouth Select Board meetings and have your say.

A citywide hearing is scheduled by Boston South for April 26 at Memorial Hall.

Kathleen and Gordon DunnWard 4, Warren Avenue, Plymouth

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