Max Verstappen hints at F1 retirement plan and has ‘no motivation’ for paddock role

Some F1 stars stay involved in the sport once their racing days are over, but Verstappen has no plans to work as part of a team in the paddock when he reaches that stage.

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Max Verstappen: Everything you need to know

Max Verstappen has ruled out working as an adviser to a Formula 1 team or any other role in the paddock once his racing days are over.

Current Red Bull adviser Helmut Marko is an example of a former F1 driver still working in the sport as part of team management, having managed the youth development program for over 20 years. A more recent example is Jenson Button, who joined Williams last year as an ambassador.

Others prefer to completely wash their hands of the F1 world on leaving, such as Kimi Raikkonen who was eager to get out of the paddock environment as he wound up his storied career. It looks like Verstappen might have something similar in mind, as he talked about what retirement might one day hold for him.

The Dutchman thinks it would be nice to be “competitive at a nice age”, like his father Jos who still competes in some racing series in his spare time.

But he plans a clean break from F1 one day, telling the Dutch magazine FORMULA 1 “You won’t see me again as an analyst or in a team role. No way.

“I don’t have the motivation for it. If I don’t drive myself anymore, I want to do other fun things.” After explaining that he would like to “get away from [the paddock] for a while,” Verstappen added: “Your whole life revolves around racing now, Formula 1, you name it… at some point you’re done with it.”

Max Verstappen doesn’t want to continue in F1 once his racing days are over


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The 2021 world champion still has many years left in his racing career and won’t even turn 25 until the end of September. He also has a guaranteed place on the grid for the foreseeable future, having signed a mega new contract over the winter that will see him race for Red Bull until at least the end of the 2028 season.

Given his youth, there has been talk that Verstappen may be aiming for the “triple crown” of motorsport – winning the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. He has already completed the first of these, but himself ruled out the idea of ​​chasing this legendary achievement.

“I never wanted to get the triple crown,” he said. “At least not IndyCar racing. I appreciate what they do. It’s crazy, these drivers… I have a lot of respect for what they do, but for me now that I’m in F1 For so long, I don’t need to risk my life or hurt my legs or anything. It’s not worth it anymore.”

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