Columbia Housing Authority gets annual plan approval

The agency’s annual plan includes strategies to help residents beyond housing and help those at risk of losing their homes.

COLUMBIA, SC — The Columbia Housing Authority Board of Trustees has approved the agency’s plan for the coming year. Its strategies include housing more residents and improving resident services.

The plan outlines how CHA will strengthen resident relationships and attract and retain landlords over the next year.

Taleshia Stewart, CHA’s Senior Vice President of Strategic and Resident Initiatives, said in the presentation that “we will strengthen relationships with the people we serve by increasing mutual accountability and improving our ability to connect them to vital community services. the community that will promote the economy of opportunities for self-sufficiency and quality of life.

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Each year, HUD requests approval to establish an action plan. Stewart said this year will help reduce homelessness. “We will expand our collaborative partnerships with county and city efforts to reduce the number of families at risk of becoming homeless or at risk of losing their homes,” Stewart said.

The annual goals contribute to their long-term plan called Vision 2030. It revamps and expands CHA’s housing portfolio by building new complexes and remodeling existing ones. Development director Cindy Herrera said it would cost more than $250 million.

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“We’ve partnered with some of the most exciting and affordable housing developers in the southeast,” Herrera said. Private partnerships allow them to finance large projects that would not be possible with public funds alone.

Other strategies include helping residents become homeowners and partnering with law enforcement to improve security. Now that the board has approved the annual plan, it will go to HUD for final approval.

Once the Authority’s plan gets final approval, they will begin implementing the strategies in July. For a full outline of the plan, click here.

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