Buckeye P&Z Passes Light Industrial Plan

BUCKEYE — Buckeye town planner Bart Wingard introduced a project called Ten/85 on Tuesday, calling it “very exciting.”

Looking at the logistics and office or light industrial space in the proposed project, unanimously recommended for rezoning approval Tuesday by the Buckeye Planning and Zoning Commission, it’s easy to see why City staff would appreciate detailed land use planning adjacent to the highway.

The commission recommended that the city council rezone to “employment” for 265 acres along State Route 85. The rectangular north-south property runs along the east side of the divided highway from Baseline Road to Southern Avenue.

It is about 2 miles south of Interstate 10, just north of where NextGen plans to soon open its lithium battery plant.

The plaintiff, known as Buckeye 270 LLC, is requesting a rezoning to “employment.”

Currently, the 265 acres bear outdated zoning designations. The northern 149 acres is zoned commercial center, or CC, and the southern 116 acres is zoned rural with one dwelling unit per acre, or RU-43.

The rezoning is intended to accommodate four new “flexible office” buildings and associated site improvements.

The site’s northern 149 acres are already under city jurisdiction and have a “neighborhood” General Plan land use designation. The southern 116 acres currently fall under the jurisdiction of Maricopa County and its overall land use designation is Employment.

At its June 7 meeting, the Buckeye City Council approved a major general plan amendment that both created two employment zones along State Route 85 and amended the code to initiate employment zoning.

The southern portion is to be annexed to the city as an analogous single-family rural residence, according to a staff report, and then rezoned as light industrial. A site plan is also submitted and the annexation of non-municipal area is a process that does not involve the commission.

The property is within the City of Buckeye water service area. An attorney who spoke at Tuesday’s meeting said the city, taking advantage of the state’s water well spacing law, had drilled four test wells on the property, with the owner’s permission, results pending.

Light industry is defined as final processing or reconditioning, such as a vehicle assembly plant, while heavy industry involves the transformation of raw materials into compounds, such as a rubber or plastics plant or a fuel refinery. oil.

Not only is the acreage along State Route 85 and near I-10, it is not far from the proposed Interstate 11 north-south freeway that would run along the western edge of Buckeye. Staff said they expect similar proposals for land use in the area in the future.

There are 22% open spaces in the site plan, a staff report says.
There were no other hearings or action items on Tuesday’s committee agenda.

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