Affordable housing plan for Lostock Hall School site which has been vacant for over a decade

Fifty houses could soon be built on the site of a former primary school and made available for affordable rent.

Plans submitted to South Ribble Borough Council would see new use for land left empty after the demolition of Lostock Hall Primary School. The school ceased to be used in 2010 and was finally demolished in December.

Now developer Westchurch Homes has submitted plans that would see it build apartments and houses on the Avondale Drive site. He is involved in the plans alongside Homes England and says the development would make a significant contribution to the borough’s housing needs.

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The application states: ‘The site includes the former Lostock Hall Primary School which closed in 2010 and has been vacant and the site unused since then. The two school buildings fronting Avondale Drive were demolished in December 2021, and a small brick store sits in the northeast corner; building blocks now remain loose core areas. The tarmac playgrounds remain in the southwest corner.

“The remainder of the site comprises grassed areas which were previously used for play and school sports, while in the northwest corner a small number of trees are found along the boundary and extending slightly into the site.”

The school closed over a decade ago and ownership later passed to Homes England, the government body that funds new affordable housing in the country. The 50 homes on offer are all to be classified as “affordable homes” and will be made available for rent rather than sale.

The accommodation will be built by Westchurch and discussions are ongoing between Westchurch and a registered local provider (RP) for the onward transfer, rental and management of the units. Plans include eight apartments and 42 houses as well as a “large” public open space.

The request concludes: “The need for affordable housing in the borough is high, as identified in the housing study. The 50 housing proposal would provide a significant contribution to the annual need of 208 housing units, but would still leave part of the annual need to be provided at other sites in other parts of the borough, thus allowing the need to be met in the entire borough. borough.”

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